About Us

When do you raid?

      Tues – Thurs, 9pm – 12am EST
      Tues – Thurs, 6pm – 9pm PST


What is your guild like?

      An She is a guild for mature adults (18+). We don’t take too much seriously but we do have a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful and derogatory terms.

We expect all raiders to maximize the raiding performance of their toon; if you’re not performing up to par, you can’t expect a raid spot. Research fights ahead of time, especially your own role. If you make a mistake, own it, and figure out how prevent it from happening again.

Don’t be a douche. Raiding requires everyone to work as a team – if you’re not willing to work towards this, you won’t fit in. Loot is a means to an end – we want to see bosses die.

How many bosses have you killed this tier?

      You can always check our raid progress at the following sites:



What loot system do you use?

    Loot is distributed by a merit-based officer loot council. We award loot based on many factors including raid attendance, raid performance, and previous loot received.
    We have a complex and extensive attendance/loot tracking system that helps to insure our decisions are always just.



Do you have parses I can view?

        Our WoL page is


How many raiders do you have?

    We aim to maintain a roster of 30 raiders.

Will I start raiding immediately if I join?

    Raid spots are performance and attendance based. If you don’t submit a WoL parse, we can’t know your performance level; however, we don’t recruit for backup spots, so if we take you, you’ll have every opportunity to carve out a raid spot for yourself.

Do you raid for 3 hours straight??

    We take one 5 minute bio during our raids.

Are alts allowed in guild?

    Yes, any and all alts of guild members are welcome.

How long has your guild been around?

    An She formed at the release of the Burning Crusade expansion during January of 2007, and still continues to progress through content today with no small amount of verve and pancakes.

What does your guild name mean?

        An’she is the Taur-ahe (Tauren) word for the Sun. In Tauren mythology, it was the right eye of the Earthmother, torn out in a fit of sorrow and sent spinning across the heavens, chased eternally by Mu’sha (Elune to the night elves). The Earthmother’s sorrow originated from the malice and deceit that fell upon the Tauren people from the corruption of the whispers of the Old Gods. Some pieces of World of Warcraft lore signify that An’she may be a male Tauren sun deity in opposition to the night elves’ more popular Elune. More information can be found at Wowpedia by checking out


For any questions feel free to contact one of our officers:

      Scragula (Raid Lead) – Scragula#1516
      Deyth (Heal Officer) – Deyth#1321
      Asiyaa (Officer) – Netzach#1272